Family photo shoot in Venice walking on the city of Venice, full of beautiful cultural heritages. Private photoshoot in a quiet & charming location in Venice. Short and friendly walk on the hidden Venice. I guarantee pics in cosy, quiet and charming corners, small bridges, canals, alleys. Book this experience on Airbnb.

Customer-approved photo post All images copyright Cris Piloto Photography ©️ 2023

Hi, I am Cris, photographer from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, in Venice.
I love photoshooting people here, there & everywhere! I have international mindset, intercultural experiences and I am trilingual (Portuguese as native speaker, English and Italian).

I am glad to work and practice creative hands-on experiences as photographer. I came to study and make a sabbatical year in Venice (Master graduated in Arts and Culture) after 15y as Communication expert in cinema in Brasil. 

Nowadays, I travel a lot and freelance as professional photographer. I’ve been photoshooting travelers from all around the world here in Italy since 2018.

Contact me for booking a photo session during a friendly walk on the magical floating city, full of cultural heritages and misteries.
Contact me for private sessions or you can book directly on Airbnb.

For info about Venice, check the official City of Venice Tourist and Travel Information
All images copyright Cris Piloto Photography © 2016 – 2023
Customer-approved photo post

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