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Olá, esse é o meu mural com as principais avaliações dos meus queridos clientes desde 2018! Vc tbm pode ver todas as avaliações dos clientes do Airbnb ou na minha página no Facebook.

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Hey there! This is my mural with the main reviews from my dear guests since 2018! You can also check all the Airbnb reviews or on my Facebook page.

Resultado de imagem para bandeira do brasil (Bianca, march 2020) Cris is very patient and goes all the way to make you look beautiful in every shot. Give it a try and you won’t regret it! Thank you , Cris!!

Bandeira da Irlanda - YouTube (Denzel, january 2020) Cris is an incredible host and wonderful person to be around – a beautiful walk around stunning locations with so much knowledge of the city. She made us feel so at home and very at ease. I would recommend this to everyone who visits Venice. It’s not just a photo shoot – it’s an experience. If we ever come back to Venice – we will definitely choose Cris again.

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Agradeço à Cris pelas expressivas fotos que registrou nessa viagem. Cris, além de excelente fotógrafa, mostrou-se uma pessoa atenciosa e com muitos conhecimentos. Foi incrível e incansável. Ela deu várias sugestões e dicas para que eu levasse comigo recordações carinhosas do meu passeio. Cris foi uma companhia agradável, paciente e flexível. Recomendo fortemente essa experiência!

Resultado de imagem para bandeira do brasil (Mariana, novembro 2019) Recomendo demais! A Cris Piloto une técnica e sensibilidade em seu trabalho. A fotógrafa consegue captar o autêntico e espontâneo de cada clique, e também dirige como ninguém fotografias de retratos humanos. No meu caso, que fico dura de frente de uma câmera, ela conseguiu resultados excelentes. Fiquei muito feliz com as fotos. ☺️☺️❤️

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Dave, october 2019) We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Cris. She took us to several unique and special locations within the city that we would not have found on our own. She was thoughtful, considerate, and friendly. She was also very knowledgeable about the history and culture of Venice. It was like having a tour guide while doing our photo shoot. We highly recommend Cris to capture your time in Venice on film.

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Ótima profissional conhece todos os cantinhos de Veneza e olha que são muitos, atenciosa,educada e tem varias ideias de fotos.

Resultado de imagem para bandeira do brasil (Ana Carolina, outubro 2019) A Cris é uma excelente profissional, nos deixou a vontade no ensaio, deu dicas, sempre muito atenciosa com as crianças, que se divertiram muito durante as fotos. E as fotos ficaram com a cara da nossa família! muitíssimo obrigada, querida!

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Diana, outubro 2019) Such a wonderful day, exploring the streets of Venice and some major attractions with Cris. She was welcoming, professional, and had a lovely rapport with our family. She took several images in so many beautiful places, and we even ended with a lovely gondola ride, meandering through the small canals filled with local charm. She generouly gave several helpful hints, favorite spots for eating, and tips on enjoying the local Venetian lifestyle. We get family photos once a year, and these, taken in Venice, will be treasured forever! If you are a traveling family with children (or without) book this experience! It gave us a chance to explore this incredible place, without having to stop and take pictures constantly – Cris had it totally covered. Loved every minute!

OLHAR DIREITO: Bandeira da Republica Checa (Mohammed, sep 2019) Cris really cared to make our stay special with her photographs. She managed to catch the pictures well of my family. I honestly feel that she went above and beyond along with her photography skills.

Bandeira da China - YouTube (Haoyue, sep 2019) Cris is really good. She is very good at time planning, so we can do as she planned and never miss a point. She knows excellent places to take a shoot, and I like her night scene picture very much! Very happy to stay with Cris for 2 hours, it makes my journey in Venice memorable.

Bandeira do Canadá – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre (Meski, sep, 2019) We wanted to have a special photo shoot to belatedly celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. Of all the cities we were visiting, we decided on Venice. We then selected Chris as she was one of the few photographers whose advertisements indicated they were willing to photograph kids. Chris was excellent. She listened to what we were looking for, and took our desires into account when selecting locations and specific poses. We also had our son with us. He is autistic, which made it more difficult to include him in the photos. Chris was again excellent — she developed a rapport with our son and even managed to feature him in some of the photos. The end result is a series of excellent photos. The photos were delivered via Dropbox shortly after the photo shoot ended. Overall, this was an excellent experience and we would highly recommend Chris to anyone.

Resultado de imagem para bandeira do brasil (Paola, sep, 2019) Profissional excelente! Astral incrível e trabalho muito especial. Consegue passar a emoção das pessoas e a energia dos locais através da fotografia!

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Bibi, jul, 2019)Cris is one of the warmest most professional photographer and person I ever met. She’s extremely knowledgeable , she can capture the best of a person and bring it to life in her pictures . She delivered way more than expected ! Exceptional !

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (April, jul, 2019) I was lucky enough to be the only person with Cris during my photoshoot! She was wonderful and did so many different angles, positions, etc. She helped me with posing and was direct about where to look and what to do. Aside from the photography side of it, Cris was so friendly and was kind enough to share her travel experiences and life with me which made this experience so much more enjoyable. She also shared history about Italy with me that I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Kimmy, june 2019) Cris is very professional and she has this ability to make people feel comfortable immediately. Besides the shoot, we also chatted a lot about cultures and education and all sorts of things. It was a pleasant time together 🙂 and photos are great of course!

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Kyle, june 2019) Cris was amazing! At the beginning she asked what my expectations were so she could tailor the photo shoot for me. She is an expert at photography understanding lighting, poses, angles, and most importantly really knew the city and where the best photo locations are. She is extremely friendly and caring she helped plan the best route to where I was going next. Cris really knows the city which I really appreciated giving me history and background for the location. Cris brought a prop camera along for a picture which I really liked and help fit the props I brought into the photo shoot. I would highly recommend her to friends family and anyone else who wants an expert photography shoot.

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Christina, april 2019) Cris was an incredible photographer. She sent us a picture of herself exactly where she wanted us to meet her, which was very helpful. Right off the bat, she asked us what we wanted to get out of this session (memories) and if there were any pictures that we wanted to make sure to get (nope, just whatever she wanted to do). She was so personable, I felt like I had known her for years. She was great at setting up interesting scenes and took lots of shots to make sure she got the perfect angles. She even mixed in some humorous photos which really fit with our personalities. Between Trevi Fountain and the Pantheon, she bought us cappuccino, and we just sat and chatted for a while. She shared about herself, and she asked questions to get to know us more as well. She sent us a link to our photos on Dropbox in just a couple of days, and we loved them! Her perspective and ideas made for some of our most precious memory keepsakes.

Bandeira dos Estados Unidos - Vetores Download (Lilian, feb 2019) Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe Cris! She is simply wonderful and helped pose me for great pictures. She gave me a walking tour as we went for great photo ops. This was a great way to spend my birthday!! Thank you so much for making it special!! I highly recommend her!!

Bandiera della Finlandia - Wikipedia (Oona, feb 2019) Cris was great! She really took the time to help us with positioning and made sure we got what we wanted. She asked us also continuously if there were any pictures we would like to have so we did also do some head shots for our CV etc. We had the good fortune to experience this just with my fiancé when the other couple canceled at the last minute. All in all, very satisfied and we can warmly recommend this experience!